Fever Pitch…or Wondering When the Red & Blue Circus Leaves Town

You know when you have that one thing in life that you actively avoid talking about? You’ll go to great lengths to steer conversation away from this skeletonsthing that you find so distressing or distasteful, if for no other reason than the fact that nothing good or positive ever seems to come out of this topic. You have one of those, right? Or maybe even multiple? Well I imagine one of the main ones we would all have in common would be politics. Yes that’s the one! You maybe have even just had a shiver run down your back at the thought…the muscles in your neck tensed up even. Politics just tends to have that effect on an overly opinionated populace such as ourselves.


To go beyond all of that, it’s an election year! The horror! It almost makes you wish for a monarchy that can be overthrown in some form of bloody insurrection (too much?) Still 2016 has been quite the year…and the election cycle is reaching the fever pitch with the candidates pulling out all the stops and throwing every manner of punch at their opponents that they possibly can. All of that unbridled animosity has managed to find its way to us – the American people – whom these would be leaders claim to represent. This is the part where I’m most bemused.


For the sake of my own sanity, my friendships at large, and the general well being of those I come in contact with through various social media platforms I have been doing my very best to stay out of this year’s election cycle drama; however, as we’re roughly two weeks away from the worst drama in history being over I find myself unable to remain silent any longer. Is this it America? This is the best we can do? These are the candidates that represent the interests, outlook, and experiences of the average American? I want to take a moment to say, not only no…but Hell No.


Look, I get it. We’ve been collectively pushed for decades into believing that there are only two parties we can, and should, choose between for the highest public office in the land. You’re either on the red side or the blue side. Republican or Democrat. Conservative or Liberal. Two sides…and you have to choose one of them. It doesn’t matter if neither of the two individuals are actually a choice worthy of being President of the United States. It doesn’t matter if you are morally conflicted about choosing either of these people, no matter the reason. You must choose. Heaven forbid you might feel like you just can’t choose one of them; that your conscience would be better soothed by choosing a different candidate on the ballot or by writing in your own choice – that’s just throwing your vote away. A third party vote is just a vote for ____.  Even more horrifying –  you determine that the moral choice for you to make in order to get to sleep at night is to abstain from voting at all. Inconceivable!


Well I’m pretty much sick of all of it, but I am most sick of the American public that continues to buy the spoon-fed lie that you have to either choose a Republican candidate or a Democratic candidate. I’m sick of being told that if I choose to vote for another third party candidate who I can at least stomach and feel like would actually be able to handle the job of President that I’m “throwing my vote away.” Do you know who benefits from you continuing to believe that no other party candidates are viable? The Republicans and Democrats in power in DC. They thrive on keeping us divided into two camps, because we’re much more easily controlled that way. They use the media that they control to continue to reinforce the ideals of a two-party only system, and seek to discredit or destroy anyone that dares to suggest that we might be better served by exploring a wider array of options. They’re using the very freedoms we scream and shout for…bleed and die for…to keep us in shackles and it seems like we’re all too willing to just roll over and accept it as being the only viable solution.


Think I’m exaggerating? Let’s consider the general consensus of the average American voter. If I were to go out on the street today and stop 20 people at random and ask them about the election the results would probably go something like this:

  • 1 person would be against the whole process and abstain from voting altogether
  • 2 people would be voting for a 3rd party candidate
  • 3 people would be actual “all in” supporters of either the Republican or Democratic candidate
  • 14 people would be voting for either one of the two major party candidates, not because they support that candidate but because they are completely opposed to the other party’s candidate

Yes, I think that the majority of the people voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are not doing so because they actually support that person or think that they’ll be a good president. They are voting for that person because they are diametrically opposed to the other party’s candidate. For the first time in my life, it feels like the majority of the American people are voting against someone they are frightened of, rather than for someone they support. That is ludicrous to me. We’re being shown a fresh steaming turd pile on the right, a dried up crusty gray turd pile on the left, and then told that these are the only viable options. So whether I choose right or left, my only viable option is a pile of shit?!


The preamble to the Constitution of our great nation begins with the words “we the people” and I think that it’s high time that the majority of the people in this country who are not satisfied with either of these candidates stand up and tell the elected officials -WHO WORK FOR US – that we do not accept these individuals as being worthy to lead us. We do not deem them worthy or able to be our representative on the global stage. It’s time for us to end the two party stranglehold that the Republicans and Democrats have on our government. It’s time for the people to be truly heard.


So that’s it…that’s what I have for you on the election. I could go on but it would simply be an unnecessarily long rant and honestly I don’t think that will really sit well. If you’re a citizen of the US, you have a choice to make in the next few weeks. No one can make it for you, nor should you let anyone. Look at all the available information, weigh it on your own conscience and through your own morals, and then let your convictions guide you. If you feel like you have to continue discussing this topic my only request is that we stop telling each other that the two leading clowns in the red and blue circus are the only choices you can make. Stop believing that lie and spare me the statistical rhetoric. You want it to change? Be the change.

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