August 31, 2016

Windows into the Past for the Camera Shy

DavidPhotographs capture a moment in time and offer a glimpse into the past…but they can’t always tell you the complete story. The stories often come while trying to remember exactly what that moment entailed, and at times are a bit more imaginative than a simple 8″ x 10″. This collection of poetry attempts to tell the stories that never made it to the picture frame, the ones that tumbled about in the imagination looking for an outlet of release. There is no guide here, no clever path to mark the way. Once you turn these pages you are opting to take a trip through the past of another and take a look at life through a different set of eyes.

Never one to shy away from his own questions about life, David takes you through the myriad thoughts that keep him up at night and wander through his dreams. This collection runs through a multitude of subjects and spans the years spent in teenage/young adult angst and into burgeoning middle age…all the while steeped in an undercurrent of childlike wonderment.

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