March 7, 2017



Announcement: Submissions for ‘A Light That Never Goes Out’

Neon Sunrise was always meant to be something more than just an imprint or label for my own work. While it does get used for that purpose, and I’ve loved
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Your Experience is a Brick, not the Whole Wall

I find the nature of our faith and belief to be fascinating. They are the very things that we need in our lives in order to truly live and yet
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Don’t Worry I’ll Catch You…Searching for Something to Write Home About…

Music is one of the things I have a strong passion for in my life. This becomes readily apparent whenever anyone starts to really get to know me. I exhibit
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New Projects Incoming!!

It’s been almost a year since Neon Sunrise was started officially, and what a year it’s been! We had our first new book launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign and
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River Miracles and Snow-White Sins – City of Refuge Message 3/16/2019

To say that there’s a lot going on in the world would be a colossal understatement, right? It would be along the same lines as saying water is wet or
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Fallen Sky Bought and Sold – Exclusive Cover Reveal!

This cover is for the “Before the Fall..” edition of Fallen Sky, Bought and Sold and is exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign! We will only be producing copies to match
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Fallen Sky, Bought and Sold – Nearly 60% Funded!

My new book was launched on Kickstarter this past week and is already nearly 60% funded! I keep saying this, but I really am excited to have this book ready
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Human Trafficking Charity Piece – It Affects You (Tentative Title)

Part of the foundation that we’re building for Neon Sunrise is a platform to raise awareness on issues that affect humanity on a personal, national, and global level. With our first
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Just Who Do You Think You Are?…Further Adventures in Missing the Point…

Identity is a pretty popular topic these days. We seem to want to go to some pretty amazing lengths to determine who we are and what drives us, what is
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I am the Monster that ate Jesus…or what it means to really follow after the Heart of God…

When we seek to follow Jesus, what is it that we’re looking for? What are we hoping to find? When you started this journey of faith and discovery, dove into
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