April 4, 2020

A Light That Never Goes Out

A Light That Never Goes Out

A Neon Sunrise Anthology Collection

Now Open for Submissions!






Submission Guidelines and other Information

All submissions should be on the subject of Hope. Hope has many facets and the human experience reflects it in a multitude of ways. Our intention with this collection is not to present something that is only happy; rather we want to paint an honest picture. We do want the end result to be something that is positive and encouraging, and sometimes that comes in the form of knowing others have the same struggles and fight the same battles as we do and still find the strength to press on.



  • Submissions will be accepted through Friday July 31st, 2020
  • Submissions should be emailed to neonsunrisepub@gmail.com
  • Submissions should be attached as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx)
  • An author bio and picture will be requested for all accepted submissions


  • Poetry Submissions – up to 5 poems may be submitted per author
    • Work submitted should be in its finished format – line spacing, number of pages, etc.
    • Proofreading/editing should also be completed prior to submission as best as possible.
      • If you have intentional spellings or words that appear “wrong” on purpose please indicate them.
    • If your poetry includes art not created by you, please ensure that you have been granted permission from the artist to include it in your submission.
      • Please provide artist name and info for them to be credited in this release.


  • Prose submissions – maximum of 15 pages per author
    • Multiple prose submissions can be made as long as the author total does not exceed 15 pages.
    • Prose can be fiction or non-fiction.
    • Work submitted should be in its finished format, with proofreading/editing completed as best as possible.



  • Submissions should be work that has not been previously published*.
    • If you self-publish your own work and would like to submit a piece you’ve already released, please also provide your original copyright information and approval for NSP to include your work in this anthology.
  • Authors retain all ownership rights of the material that they choose to submit. NSP will hold a copyright only as it relates to the final version of this publication.
    • You, as the author, retain all rights to your work and can publish them in other formats as you see fit.
    • NSP, as the publisher of this anthology, retains the right to reproduce this volume in future editions.
    • NSP will not use or transfer your work beyond this publication without your permission.



  • Target for this anthology to be published is October/November 2020.
  • A Kickstarter campaign will be launched to provide supplemental funding for the publishing of this anthology.
    • Contributing authors will be requested to assist with promoting the campaign on their social media accounts.
  • Funds will be used to cover printing and ISBN purchase cost, as well as provide contributing authors with complementary copies of the anthology.
    • The anthology will be published regardless of the outcome of the Kickstarter campaign – a successful campaign just makes it easier and will provide more complementary copies for each author.
  • Each contributing author will receive a minimum of 5 complementary copies of the anthology.
    • Additional copies will be available at cost to each author.
    • You may sell these copies and retain all profits.
  • NSP will retain all profits for copies of the anthology sold through online retailers and the NSP webstore and in-person events.
  • A portion of the profits made by NSP will be donated to Run Against Traffic and United Abolitionists to aid in their mission to end Human Trafficking.
    • Information and messaging for both organizations will be included in the anthology.


Please reach out to us at the provided contact information with any additional questions you may have.