Can you smell it?…That new book smell…

After a yeabooksr or so of planning, and a lot of time spent transcribing and editing, I’m pleased to announce that my newest collection of poetry is finally available! It’s entitled Nomads, Pilgrims, Troubadours and can be found on Amazon in both Print and Digital formats. I’m super happy with the way this has turned out, and I can’t wait to start seeing feedback as word gets out and people begin to read and enjoy this new work.


The new book can be purchased Here on Amazon for $8.99 for a paperback edition, or $2.99 for a digital edition. You can also get a copy of the digital edition free when you purchase a paperback copy.

I will also be making personalized copies available from me directly for $7, plus postage. You can use the contact form here on the site to send an email requesting a personalized copy.


Finally, the editing process afforded me with an opportunity to comb through the material I’ve written in the last four years since my first book was published and I realized I had enough written to complete a third collection! I will begin putting it together in 2017 and it will be comprised of work that was specifically written for several of the monthly poetry challenges that I’ve participated in. It’s tentatively titled Fallen Sky, Bought and Sold…but I’m not completely sure that will stick.

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