Weighing the slings and arrows…or hey are you listening?

Entry 08 – February 26th, 2017

Weighing the slings and arrows…or hey are you listening?

The final installment in the Voice series….and the questions raised are not lost on me…this life is not something that you just make a single decision about and then never have to think about again…it’s a constant evaluation of the path you’re on…there’s a plethora of easier ones branching out…but they only lead into the darkness…


The Voice of God is Clear

A single flame starts with just one spark. It sounds rather simplistic and maybe even cliché. But it’s true. Over the course of our time this week you’ve heard a lot of ideas and messages and it started. Right there in the back of your mind there was a tickle, a small voice whispering to you. And as the time has gone on that voice has echoed the things I’ve been telling you about my Father and about His voice. Are you listening?


My Father has the power in His voice to call forth the farthest-reaching galaxy and with that power He created the universe and every single thing within it.  It would seem that with a power of that magnitude He would be distant and unreachable, and yet He cares for the well-being of every single living creature, especially you. He is loving and kind and calling out to you amidst the cacophony of the world and pointing out a path that leads in a different direction than the rest. Remember that the enemy is very cunning and he’s out there constantly roaming around, calling out in the plethora of personae that he employs. All those other paths may seem different and sometimes they’re much easier to walk down, but they all lead to the same place. He’s even more persistent if you choose to follow my Father. The enemy would like nothing more than to drag you away from my Father as fast as he can because he knows that if you are following my Father it’s bad news for him. And while he knows that he can’t destroy you while you walk with my Father he will do everything he can to make it hard on you. Even with all this, when you’re following my Father there is comfort in His strength and in Him there is a joy that the enemy cannot take from you.


In the midst of that calling my Father is crying out for the lost and the broken, those who are hurting in this life. His heart breaks for them and He wants them to know how much He cares for them. He wants you to have a heart for them as well. The world is full of broken and hurting people, people I died to save. People my Father loves and cherishes and wants to come home to His family. He wants you to be the one to show them the way. Your life is quite possibly the only picture of my Father they may ever see and it hurts Him to see them turn away because you don’t take the time to show them that He loves them by loving them yourself. You have been given a great gift and shown a way to travel and He wants you to be excited by this and be willing to show others what you’ve discovered in your time here. It‘s as simple as giving a drink to someone who is thirsty or a hug to someone who is feeling a like the world is caving in on them.
My Father’s voice is calling out clearly and when you’ve decided to follow Him it becomes unmistakable. The longer you walk on the path the more you begin to recognize Him whispering to you quietly. Even with all His power He chooses to speak to you quietly in your hearts and guide you with a loving concern.

God is speaking. Are you listening?

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