Human Trafficking Charity Piece – It Affects You (Tentative Title)

Part of the foundation that we’re building for Neon Sunrise is a platform to raise awareness on issues that affect humanity on a personal, national, and global level. With our first official project, we wanted to do something that was about more than just a new book for an artist/author or developing a new genre anthology. Those things are in the works too, but this first one is special.

Human Trafficking is one of those issues that affect all people across the globe, and yet for a large majority it seems like we’re oblivious to the reality that it’s happening. We empathize with those in need and who are in trouble, but we like to think it doesn’t happen where we are. Especially in America. There are a number of wonderful organizations out there leading the charge to raise awareness and shine a light into this multifaceted darkness, and we want to help provide a resource in this campaign.

The idea is to collect stories and essays from people that have had experiences, either directly or indirectly, with Human Trafficking and put together a book. We would work with sponsor organizations to provide the book as a resource to them to be used to raise awareness and funds through sales at events and online. The book would be a tangible item for donations and would include information on the organizations and additional ways that people can remain in contact and get involved.

Starting today, we’re seeking people that are interested in being a part of this project by sharing their story.

We’re excited to launch this project and we know that we can continue to shine a light on this issue…together we can end Human Trafficking for good.

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